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This one is now my favorite.

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Arrow 2.19 “Man Under the Hood” Review

The Good:

While this essentially was a set up/fall-out episode it did pack a lot of new information into the hour without feeling incredibly bloated. Some of the revelation, well really just one, did not work very well but most of them did. Isabel Rochev already was a big asset to adding to Slade’s threat last week but this week she may have proved to have an even motivation than Slade himself. (Not that’s saying much). 

At the first the introduction of Caitlyn Snow and Cisco Ramon (who will be regulars on The Flash spin-off) felt very thrown in. Mostly because the only time we usually spend with random worker, in this case scientist, is the moments before their brutal. So giving such a spotlight to these random people felt glaring but they worked well together and it made me even more excited for the Flash spin-off. And I was already pretty excited.

The big spotlight of the episode though was Laurel. At first Laurel’s detective work was kind of hilarious because the clues were always so obvious but I really like where finding about Oliver is the Arrow ultimately took her. It looked dicey there for awhile with her doing her Classic!Laurel routine of being pissed yet exactly no one understands why. But thanks to a great speech by Quentin and some great acting by Paul Blackthrone she pulled it back in. I’m now actually interested in where Laurel’s story will go. 

The Bad:

The other part of this episode I was less of a fan of was the Deus Ex Machina Cure. That is a little harsh introducing a cure in episode 19 is a lot different then introducing a cure in the finale and I would have been fine if Team Arrow found out about the cure in present day. It bothers me that Ollie has known about the cure since day one because he knew about it on the island. I don’t even have a problem with Oliver not using the cure on Slade in the past and deciding to “kill” him instead. In fact I rather quite like it. Introducing the cure now just feels like lack of planning and not Ollie being ashamed.

Now I understand he doesn’t know how to exactly make the cure AND they need a Mirakuru sample. But it always bothers me when they reveal something in the flashbacks that’s extremely beneficial to present day and Oliver goes “Ah yes, I knew about this all along but kept it from all of you because of reasons.”

The Unknown:

I have really conflicted feelings on Thea’s story. On the one hand she has every right to be angry at Oliver, her mother and her father. On the other it’s hard to watch a character that I don’t have a lot of emotional investment stomp around every scene and call everyone “Liaaaarrrsss.” Mostly because the way Willa Holland pronounces that word sounds very annoying and I’m shallow like that.

Normally I’d include Roy in the good because I thought it was a very effective image of him strapped to the machine. It also made perfect sense that Slade wouldn’t risk himself too. However Isabel and Slade’s explanations didn’t exactly ring true for how they got Roy to come with them. That is of course if they are telling the truth. And I’m a bit spoiled on the preview for next episode where it seems like Roy turns into a superpowered anthropomorphised hoodie of teenage angst and no one (me) wants to see that.

That time Dylan O’Brien cosplayed me in a movie.

"…The "&$/*! psycho in a batsuit. No offense.”

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Queen Margaery - breaker of awkward moments.

The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

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